Großer Buchstaben A-Z aus wiederverwertetem Metall - Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns vor Bestellung! - Vandeley
Großer Buchstabe A-Z aus wiederverwertetem Metall - Vandeley

Large letter AZ made from recycled metal

Normal price € 75,00


Delivery time 4 to 6 weeks - order now to secure your letters. 

Our exciting letters AZ made of upcycled metal are made in Burkina Faso from recycled oil drums and metal. Each letter is unique, colorful and cheerful and makes a great gift idea or a company logo. They are a fair trade product, 50% of the proceeds of which are reinvested in the local community.

The letters shown are for illustration purposes only. If you would like a letter in a specific color, please contact Team Vandeley and we will inform you of the available colors.

Width: about 37 cm
Height: about 51 cm
Depth: about 7 cm


We also have the numbers 0 - 9 and small letters. 

We deliver the goods within 2-5 days, unless a different time period is specified in the respective product description. You can find more information on shipping and delivery times here .

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