Weihnachtsduftkerze "Weihnachtsbäume" - Vandeley

Christmas scented candle "Christmas trees"

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We are very happy to present this special edition of candles for the Christmas season!

Here comes the "Christmas Trees" candle that really smells like a Christmas tree!

A rich herbal fragrance, which is dominated by eucalyptus & Precious Woods by Siberian pine
Top notes - pine, eucalyptus, fresh green notes
Heart notes - pine
Base notes - pine, cedar wood, sandalwood, gaiac wood, musk

Hand-poured in Provence in France in our pharmacy brown glass. Thanks to the lid, you can keep the scent of your candle longer.
Ingredients: 100% natural soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance based on essential oils, cotton wick.

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