Mobile Elfen - Vandeley
Mobile Elfen - Vandeley

Mobile = 'Elves and Unicorns'

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The elves with their bright rainbow colors and dance through the room - at the window or the bed. But the mobile isn't just pretty to look at. They also have a calming effect on the little ones. When they float over the bed, the children can relax. The gentle movements quickly make your eyes heavy.
The elf mobile is a nice present for a birthday, birth or babyshower party.
Make a complete gift out of it with the matching card, for example with the printed elf craft card.
Then just carefully push the laser cut motifs out of the wooden sheet and then fold, bend and / or stick together. Cut the yarn into pieces and then link the objects and wooden sticks together as shown in the sketch. Balance and the beautiful wooden mobile is ready!

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