Ovale 3D gedruckte Vase - Rot - Vandeley

Oval 3D Printed Vase - Red

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From dried flowers to bouquets to hand-picked wildflowers, this example of sustainable and long-lasting home design made from innovative materials gives your flowers an elegant setting

The special thing about this product: Each vase is made in Northern Germany in an additive manufacturing process from recycled materials.

Material: Recycled PLA 
Dimensions: Ø 13,5 cm, height 14 cm 
Weight: 315g

Contains glass insert and is therefore waterproof
Note: Do not expose to heat higher than 60°C. 

General care instructions:
If your vase gets dirty, simply clean it with a soft cloth, some mild soap and lukewarm water. Don't put them in the dishwasher. The glass is removable and therefore suitable for the dishwasher. 

To place flowers or plants in water or embed them in soil, you will receive a matching glass insert for each vase. Due to the special manufacturing method and the structure of the vase, it would not be completely watertight without the glass. You can also put dried flowers and similar decorations in the vase without the glass.

The vase is characterized by high stability and robustness. It is also heat resistant up to 60°C. You should make sure that you do not permanently expose our products to direct sunlight.

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