Kerzenpaar - 31 cm hoch - Sand
Kerzenpaar - 31 cm hoch - Sand - Vandeley

Pair of candles - 31 cm high - sand

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Pair of candles. Two long candles by Vance Kitira

These candles are certified clean candles and have a long burn time. In addition, they look beautiful.

- Food grade paraffin
- 100% cotton fabrics from the USA
- Exceptionally long burning time
- hand cast
- Colored through
- Odor and smoke free when burning
- Self-extinguishing
- Allergy friendly
- Burning time: 16-18 hours.

Vance Kitira Timber® candles are cast from "pure food grade" paraffin and made from 100% cotton with wicks. This is paraffin approved for use in the food industry, fully refined, and the cleanest paraffin on the market. A pure and clear paraffin that is completely cleaned of impurities and dirty particles. The result is an incredibly beautiful candle with a unique and clear shimmer.

Vance Kitira's Timber® candles are tested and certified in the SGS laboratory in France. The candles are used by both asthmatics and allergy sufferers without any problems.

Because of this completely clean wax, which is cleaned of all impurities and oil residues, the candles from Vance Kitira have very long burning times.

Tip: Let the candles burn to the brim when lighting them for the first time. Cut the wick during use to help the candles burn better.

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