Fliese mit einer Geschichte - Dalmatiner mit Frauchen im Regen - Vandeley

Tile with a story - Dalmatians with their mistress in the rain

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Put on your brightest yellow raincoat and join this quirky duo on this rainy day. Listen to the splash of raindrops falling to the ground and start a fun conversation with your two new friends. This design is perfect for animal lovers and those looking for a clever piece of art.

10 x 10 cm

Ceramic tiles have been made in and around Delft, the Netherlands, since the 16th century. StoryTiles continues the tradition by making miniature art-on-tile. All tiles are baked in traditional Dutch ovens at a high temperature, which makes them heat and water resistant. Each design is unique as it is baked and designed by hand. The filigree works of art come in a very cool cardboard box with a sophisticated hanging system.

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