Kühler für Wein - Beiges Wildleder (mit offenem Boden)

Wine cooler - beige suede (with open bottom)

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Beige cooler for wine bottles
Hey, you great innovative sheepskin wine and beverage coolers, where have you been all these years?
Keep your drinks cold, whether in the garden, on the terrace, in the park or during sports. The coolers from KYWIE® are light, practical, unbreakable, do not require ice, look super cool and thus offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cool drink at any time of the day and anywhere!
The wool on the inside of the cylindrical KYWIE cooler ensures that a layer of air is retained. This keeps the bottle at the same temperature for about 4 hours.
The KYWIE cooler is made from 100% sheepskin, is completely handcrafted and is available in five different models.
Sheepskin is a beautiful, naturally light material with the best insulating effect of all and therefore extremely suitable for keeping drinks cool.
- Material: sheepskin
- Suitable for wine bottles

- Pre-chilled bottles stay cold for up to 4 hours

- Made by hand in Holland and Turkey

- Including an attractive gift box and thus a popular gift idea.

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